Dave and Shana

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Our Story

Dave and Shana met at a summer barbecue at a mutual friend, Lindsey's house in Oklahoma. They exchanged phone numbers and went on their first lunch date a couple days later. Shana only had a few weeks left before she moved to Boston for 3 months, so they went on a few more dates and then hoped for the best. Neither person knew how things would go from there. Through the next several months, things would progress through trips to Boston, Oklahoma City, Kansas City and Chicago. They found connections in their love for God, family, travel & adventure and much more.

In February while Shana had flown back from her 3 month contract in San Diego, Dave took Shana to the same backyard they had met in. Shana thought they were going to Lindsey’s to eat s’mores (and was very confused when Dave started to enter through their house through the backyard). She was happily surprised to see a backyard full of rose petals, lights and a huge “MARRY ME” sign. Dave got down on one knee and proposed in front of family and close friends waiting inside Lindsey’s house. He thinks she said yes, but can’t really remember what was said from either person.

Dave and Shana both waited for God’s perfect timing to be placed in each other’s lives. They are so excited to celebrate with everyone as they start their marriage together. Thank you for the impact each of you have made on both of us and thank you for coming to celebrate with us.